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October 2014 Franchise Benchmark Report
(July, 2014 - September, 2014)


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  • Access powerful reports. Tells you which lead sources are performing well (and which aren't).
  • Fully customize to your needs. We'll configure eMax to match your sales process.

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Last Three Franchise
   Benchmark Reports...
1 FranchiseBenchmark and eMaximation make no guarantee that the websites will perform in the future as they have performed historically. Note: not all franchise websites serve all our clients in the same category level or capacity.

2 Franchise Gator includes FranchiseAdvantage.com

3 Franchise Opportunities Network includes FranchiseOpportunities.com, FranchiseForSale.com, SmallBusinessOpportunity.com, BestFranchiseOpportunities.com, FranchiseOnline.com, FoodFranchise.com and RestaurantFranchise.com